Our goal is to make bond testing more accurate, more reliable, easier and more cost effective!
XYZTEC, incorporated in 2000, designs and manufactures innovative equipment that is used for quality assurance to ensure the reliability of many products in multiple industries. We set the standard in Statistical Process Control (SPC). We are 100% focused on bond testing and have established our name as technology leader in bond testing worldwide.

Our equipment is used in semiconductor, automotive and raw material industry. XYZTEC is committed to working with various research institutes and universities globally. Customer satisfaction, high quality, innovation and superior support are our priorities. XYZTEC is market leader and still growing. Customers are happy with our personal no-nonsense approach and recognize our unique selling points.

XYZTEC has seven direct offices around the world, with headquarters in Panningen, The Netherlands. Our extensive network of both distributors and regional representatives offers the very best support both locally and internationally. XYZTEC offers financial stability and access to resources that are common to large companies.

Many of our team members are renowned leading authorities in bond testing among who Bob Sykes.

Our production process is ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 certified. Currently all of our production is implemented in The Netherlands. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, being flexible and reliable to ensure long-term relationships with our customers. XYZTEC's products are characterized by low cost of ownership and sensible pricing for service and spares.

Aiming to improve understanding of bond testing in the industry, XYZTEC organizes seminars to present and disseminate knowledge in a straightforward format. Every seminar is focussed around a particular aspect of the science of bond testing.

We hope the above has sparked your curiosity and we kindly ask for the opportunity to prove our capabilities the next time your organisation has a bond testing requirement. Please contact us for more information, find job opportunities or to request a demonstration, quotation or seminar.