Over 40 years of experience and passion

For over 40 years the Walter Lemmen Ltd. has been producing an extensive selection of products, for the surface and printed circuit board technology for industry, research and teaching. The different facilities are constructed and manufactured in our factory in Kreuzwertheim and distributed worldwide. The product range includes machines and equipment for the production of single or double-sided PCBs, through hole plated PCBs and multilayers for prototypes and small serial production.

Barrel and rack treatments are individually adapted to customer requirements for electroplating and finishing of different materials. These applications are used for decorative and functional surfaces to complement the portfolio.

The outstanding results can be seen in exceptional quality materials and components thereby guaranteeing a low maintenance operation.

Walter Lemmen Ltd. offers as a system supplier, the development, design and construction of equipment and systems for printed circuit boards and electroplating.

Additionally, the company offers a complete product and service program, consisting of the delivery of customer-specific systems, components and chemistry, service and environmental concepts for various industrial branches.

Our main customers include the PCB industry, the automotive industry, the electronics industries, the aerospace, the telecommunications and management industry, the control systems, the medical technology and the photovoltaics industry.

The company has a close cooperation with different institutions in research and development. The basis for innovative implementations and enhancements of our plant diversity, is found in colleges, universities and in several industries and used to support new technologies in the printed circuit board technology and electroplating.