Finetech manufactures innovative, high-accuracy equipment for leading-edge bonding, micro assembly and rework challenges.  The FINEPLACER® systems are designed to be modular for maximum process flexibility and come in manual, semi-automatic or automatic configurations.

Our versatile bonders are ideal for R&D, lab, and prototype environments.  We also have automated systems for high-mix and/or more fully-automated production with higher volumes.  Research departments of major OEMs, military, and government-funded labs, along with academic institutions are all avid users of Finetech systems.  Finetech bonders support the most precise and complex applications:  flip chip, laser bars, photonics packaging, VCSELs, MEMS, sensors, chip to wafer, and much more.

Finetech, along with subsidiary Martin GmbH in Wessling, Germany, offer a wide range of rework solutions.  Our rework products deliver the key benefits needed for reworking advanced devices – such as precise temperature and convection flow control, outstanding placement accuracy, extensive recipe libraries, large board handling, non-contact residual solder removal, and solder paste or flux dispensing.

The deep process knowledge we have gained through decades of experience adds value to our equipment.  Our engineers work with customers to create effective solutions for specific applications - they understand that "one size" does not necessarily fit all.

The company services customers in a broad range of industries including aerospace, medical technology, consumer electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, military, universities and research.  With installations across worldwide, Finetech works with companies from the start-up phase to large multi-national corporations.

Corporate offices and main production are in Berlin, Germany, with additional manufacturing in Dresden, Germany.  Sales and Technical support centers are located in Gilbert, Arizona; Manchester, New Hampshire; Shanghai, China; Penang, Malaysia and Tokyo, Japan.