Equipped Auto-Tool-Change and providing the superior cost performance

Auto Lab replaces Eleven Auto. This model employs Auto-Tool-Change mechanism and achieves a low price, while its specification exceeds Eleven Auto. Up to 10 tools are available for automatic tool change. The standard spindle motor is made in Japan with high quality and less runout. Tool change employs the electrical function without using the air compressor.
(Note: Spindle motor installed on Auto Lab 100 is not made in Japan. Air compressor required.)

Cabinet (requires assembly) is available as an optional item
Well designed and easy to perform maintenance.

Standard camera monitoring system
Magnify the surface of the board and display on a monitor. You can easily adjust the right position while viewing display.
(Maximum useful magnification depends on the size of the screen)

Web Video
Auto_Lab_Demo : Demonstration video featuring our latest Lab series auto tool change prototyping machine. It includes double-sided board fabrication, camera alignment function and overlay function.

Optional equipment make it even easier to process
Vacuum table: The vacuum table option employs the porous resin which holds tightly in the whole area
of the surface.
This stabilizes the substrate tightly without causing twisting or warpage.