The easy of through hole plating
The perfect packaged electroplating equipment

Professional equipment for the production of through hole plated printed circuit boards for laboratories and industry. The system consists of the full range of baths and equipment and occupies very small floor space. The tanks and control desk are mounted on a stable underframe made of metal. The construction ensures easy and quick working. The modular design of the machine enables to extend or reduce the equipment depending on the requirements e.g. for multilayer, gold plating or panel plating.

Rinsing Technique
To ensure a high quality of rinsing the rinsing compartment is equipped with a cascade rinsing unit and a spray rinsing unit and a spray rinsing unit. The spray washer and cascade rinsing tank are controlled by hand-operated, attachable valves.

Digital timer for each tank, electromagnetic valve with foot switch, security tank, dry protection control for heating element, filtration unit, PCB clamping device, exhaust, chemicals, anodes.