Rework Station EXPERT 10.6
CCD-camera supported rework of BGA, CSP, QFN
The Expert 10.6 rework stations facilitates the reliable and precise rework of BGA-, CSP-, and QFN-components, connectors and sockets. Innovative technologies such as “Advanced Vision Placement”, Hybrid Heating Technology and the intuitively operated “Easy Solder” software ensure safe soldering and de-soldering without the intervention of operators in the soldering process.

LED Rework on ceramic substrate
LED Rework on ceramic substrate
These compact rework stations are, in addition to soldering and de-soldering, suitable for removing residual solder and for dispensing fluxes and solder pastes. With the software Easy Solder all rework profiles are easily managed. Convenient App Tools support implementation of important additional processes, such as flux dipping, printing solder paste onto QFNs and handling of very small SMDs.

The EXPERT 10.6 product family offers a comprehensive selection of Hybrid and IR Underheaters to ensure ideal conditions for the different rework applications. MARTIN offers various options and tools for optimizationof each application.