• Description 

The innovative precision volume dispenser eco-SPRAY made by ViscoTec offers a wide range of applications for low to high viscosity fluids.

  • Theory of function

The preeflow eco-SPRAY guarantees a volumetric spray application based on the endless piston principle. The base of this new microspraying technology is still our proven rotor/stator technology. Due to a defined rotary motion of the rotor the medium in the stator is volumetrically replaced and conveyance is created. Thus a determined amount of medium is process controlled and directed to the special low flow spray chamber.

The precise nebulization and spraying can take place continuously or punctually. The revolutionary combination of the endless piston principle and the low flow spraying chamber guarantees perfect spraying of low to highly viscous media with high edge definition and lowest possible overspray.

  • Smallest spray quantity: 0.05 ml
  • Adjustable dosing flow: 0.5 – 6 ml/min
  • Dimensions:  Length 228mm, ø 35 mm